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Sidewayz - Depth Charge - DVD

Sidewayz - Depth Charge - DVD
On Sept. 3rd 2002, Red Bull hosted "The Depth Charge" deep under the town of Bonne Terre, MO. Opened in 1869 it quickly became the world's largest lead mine now it's the world's gnarliest wakeboarding spot.

Artificial light. 58-degree water and 60 degree air temperature played their roles as the world's top wakeboarders took on launch ramps and sliders in confined space. This is a story of the mine and the event as seen through the eyez of Sidewayz.

One of the most unique wakeboarding DVDs ever, the Depth Charge shows us all what it's like to wakeboard and hit obstacles in a huge underground mine. What could be crazier than that? Don't miss out on seeing how wild an experience it was.


  • Parks Bonifay
  • Chad Sharpe
  • Thomas Horrell
  • Brian Grubb
  • Scott Byerly
  • Erik Ruck
  • Shawn Watson
  • Shane Bonifay
  • Josh Sanders
  • Darin Shapiro
  • Brett Eisenhauer
  • And others...


  • Click here to view the Trailer (Windows Media, 360K)

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