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CWB - 2009 Onset 42 Wakeskate

CWB - 2009 Onset 42 WakeskateCWB - 2009 Onset 42 Wakeskate
Product Description CWB Onset 42 Wakeskate:

The ultimate wakeskate. We decided to enter the high end wakeskate marke a couple years ago, but wanted to make sure to do it right. Bringing an innovative idea to the table wasn't good enough. We wanted a name to partner with the new wakeskate program as well as give influence on our ideas. In comes Stuart Shinn. Talks with Stu not only gave us fire to go after the wakeskate program, but allowed us to hang out and watch him wakeskate on a daily basis. Simply unreal. After the high fives were finished, we deliver the Onset. We created three layers of the wakeskate. The top sheet is shaped straight from a skateboard. It has three layers of poplar laminate formed with a true concave top as well as large kick tails for the best ollie response on the market. We then use a seven ply bottom flat deck for the stiffness needed to keep the rocker pattern in shape. In between the layers is a tri-density foam pad that creates the rebound needed to add the snap off the wake making wake-to-wake tricks bigger than anything and anyone else. With the top deck using the rebound of the foam, the Onset is the best responding wake-to-wake deck on the water. Also coming with optional fins, you have the choice to have a more locked feel, or learn to ride like Stu where you pop your tricks so high, there's no need for them.

Product Specs:

  • 42 inches
  • 8.8lbs
  • 1.57 rocker
  • 15.60 width
  • 10.9 tip/tail
  • Continous

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