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Jabsco - Metal Ballast Puppy Pump

Jabsco - Metal Ballast Puppy Pump
Product Description Jabsco Metal Ballast Puppy Pump:

The Jabsco Ballast Puppy pump is a reversible run-dry protected wakeboarding ballast pump. The Jabsco Ballast Puppy is designed to provide quick and convenient liquid ballast to Wakeboard boats. It can add and remove about 80 pounds of ballast per minute and will custom shape the boat's wake to suit any wakeboarder's style. Because it is self-priming it will not air-lock like centrifugal type ballast pumps.


  • 9 GPM flow rate
  • Approx 80 pounds of water ballast per minute
  • Self-primimg to 3 feet
  • Ports - 1" hose barb external and 1/2" NPT internal
  • Reversible pump both fills and empties ballast tanks
  • Includes Switch for fill and drain
  • All bronze pump head
  • Ignition protected

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