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DPC Films - The Chick Flick - DVD

DPC Films - The Chick Flick - DVD
OVERVIEW of The Chick Flick

Tanned, toned...fearless. Meet the women of The Chick Flick, the first all-female feature length Wakeboarding film of the century produced by David Cervenka and Joe Umali.

Filmed on location in the crystal blue waters of California, Florida, Nevada, Washington State, and North Carolina, The Chick Flick showcases the top female athletes in the sport of Wakeboarding, doing what they do best: going big and getting technical. You've never seen the women ride like this before.

The Chick Flick features ESPY Award Winner and World & X-Games Champion Dallas Friday; World & X-Games Champion Emily Copeland-Durham; X-Games Champion Maeghan Major; Australia's Amber Wing & Jayley Smith; UK Champions Louise Moore & Will Christien; Wakeskaters Ster Tor & Megan McNeil; New Zealand's Andrea Fountain; West Coast Riders Gretchen Hammarberg, Shelby Kantar, Raequel and Shawna Hoffman; Florida's Cathy Williams, Barrett Periman, Heather Johnson, Laura Lohrmann, and many more!

Watch Dallas Friday annihilate the wake with the Wrapped Backside Mobe. See Amber Wing land her 720 and destroy the sliders at The Projects. And lose your lunch trying to wrap your head around Emily Copeland-Durham's Huge Off-Axis 540's and Roll to Blinds. The women in this film will open your eyes, and take the sport of Wakeboarding to a whole new extreme.


  • Dallas Friday
  • Emily Copeland-Durham
  • Maeghan Major
  • Amber Wing
  • Jayley Smith
  • Louise Moore
  • Will Christien
  • Ster Tor
  • Megan McNeil
  • Andrea Fountain
  • Gretchen Hammarberg
  • Shelby Kantar
  • Raequel and Shawna Hoffman
  • Cathy Williams
  • Barrett Periman
  • Heather Johnson
  • Laura Lohrmann, and many more!

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