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Hyperlite - Airshock Claw Wingbolt

Hyperlite - Airshock Claw Wingbolt

SOLD OUT - These are no longer made by Hyperlite. You cannot get this item. If you have lost your original claws you will need to upgrade to new bindings.

These Hyperlite claws are a replacement set of binding clamps for the old Hyperlite wakeboard bindings. If your binding plate has a single row of teeth then these claws are what you need for your Hyperlite bindings. These hyperlite claws do not work with newer Hyperlite bindings. This set comes with thumb bolts that you can tighten with your fingers.

A couple of seasons ago our riders asked for an easier way to adjust stance options and a way to maintain a stance while shifting their boot closer to a toeside or heelside rail.


  • Adjusts from +24 degrees to -24 degrees and anywhere in between
  • A rider doesn't have to remove bolts from the insert and reattach them to vary a stance angle
  • 4 claws per order

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