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Sidewayz - Hype/Six Pack Combo - DVD

Sidewayz - Hype/Six Pack Combo - DVD
Two of the most classic and groundbreaking wakeboarding videos of all time are now available on one DVD from Sidewayz!

Hype was the first of the Hyperlite team videos to come from Sidewayz. It features one of the most memorable Parks sections ever, Brian Grubb actually wakeboarding, Idaho canal boarding, and amazing sections from all the Hyperlite pros.

Six Pack was one of the first films to take everyone’s parts seriously instead of just jumbling everyone into a video. It features six riders who are at the forefront of the sport. Each section is long and in-depth, and this video also features some pretty funny interviews by all the guys at the end.

These are two classics showing the evolution of the most predominant riders of today.


  • Shaun Murray
  • Parks Bonifay
  • Chad Sharpe
  • Brian Grubb
  • Ricky Gonzales
  • Tara Hamilton
  • Scott Byerly
  • Danny Harf
  • And the rest of the Hyperlite team...

  • Shaun Murray
  • Scott Byerly
  • Darin Shapiro
  • Collin Wright
  • Gregg Necrason
  • Parks Bonifay

  • Click here for the Hype Trailer
  • Click here for the Six Pack Trailer

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