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- Some thought we would sit back and rest on our industry shattering idea brought to fruition tabbed Hinge Tech (patent # 7,134,928 B1). It was the biggest and best innovation to hit the wakeboard binding market. Period. The biggest downside to wakeboarding has always been getting in and out of your wakeboard bindings. Hinge Tech has changed that. Now, not only is getting in and out of your CWB wakeboard bindings far easier, but boot wear and tear is almost non-existent. Gone are the days of fighting your wakeboard bindings on and off and heel lift. Now most of you know what the Hinge Tech is all about. Feet in, hinge up, high fives.

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  • CWB Answer
  • CWB Faction
  • CWB Vapor
  • CWB Marius
  • CWB Torq
  • CWB Edge
  • CWB Tyke
  • CWB Ember
  • CWB Sage
  • CWB Bliss



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