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Hyperlite Wakeboards

is THE name in wakeboarding. My first wakeboard was a Hyperlite wakeboard, a three-finned directional board, with sandal straps. The sport of wakeboarding has come a long way since then and the Hyperlite wakeboard company has always led the way.

Hyperlite wakeboards

is a company that has consistently been on top of the wakeboard industry and their team of top pro riders in the sport keep them innovating in every direction. Join Scott Byerly, Shaun Murray, JD Webb, Jimmy LaRiche and the rest of the Hyperlite Team who ride the best wakeboards around, Hyperlite Wakeboards!

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  • Hyperlite Murray
  • Hyperlite B-Side
  • Hyperlite Process
  • Hyperlite Webb
  • Hyperlite Franchise
  • Hyperlite Union
  • Hyperlite State
  • Hyperlite Madin
  • Hyperlite Syn
  • Hyperlite Blur
  • Hyperlite Jade
  • Hyperlite Eden



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