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- Whether it's industry changing technology like deciding to build our own wood cores here in the USA, we've been doing things differently from day one. That was more than 15 years ago. Since then we've introduced quality innovations that have changed the way people ride. From progressive flex in all our boards to Fluid X technology in surf, we're always striving to create something better. We're lucky to have a super talented group of riders, engineers, artists and craftsmen who enjoy every minute of designing, testing and tweaking to build the most advanced kite gear in the industry.

  • Slingshot Shredtown
  • Slingshot Oli
  • Slingshot Recoil
  • Slingshot Terrain
  • Slingshot Whip
  • Slingshot Windsor
  • Slingshot Lyman
  • Slingshot Response
  • Slingshot Pearl
  • Slingshot Choice
  • Slingshot Super Grom



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