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DVS Shoes Now Available At Boardstop
What do riders like Thomas Horrell, Parks Bonifay, Danny Hampson and Aaron Reed have that you don't? DVS Shoes, what else? Luckily for you, Boardstop has hooked up with DVS so that you too can get the shoes that all the top pros are wearing.

Right about now you are probably thinking to yourself, "that's great, but I don't need any new shoes for wakeskating." If you were thinking that, then we have great news for you. Not only are DVS shoes and sandals now available on, but they are shoes for any occasion and not just for wakeskating. In fact, the styles and colors that Boardstop have available can be used for pretty much anything you want, including wakeskating. It's a win win situation for you any way you look at it.

You have probably already seen the DVS Dresden Mesh that the guys at Cassette made so popular last season. This season, they are back with some new colors. You can get them in a deep red with a black stripe (gum sole) or a royal blue with a yellow stripe.

The Freemont's are new for '05 and are also a mesh shoe. With the popularity of the Dresdens, DVS changed the trainer style Marcos from last season to the new black mesh Freemont.

One of our personal favorite shoe is the Kenyan. The Kenyans are a full leather shoe that are more of a true skate shoe, but are still great for wakeskating or for just hanging out. Plus they look great.

If you like simple and effective, then the Revival are the perfect shoes for you. The Revival's are available in leather or suede, but look great either way. They are one of DVS most popular styles.

If it is sandals you are looking for, then be sure to check out all of the new DVS Sandals. From the Milan Slides to the Peso's, you will be sure to find a pair of sandals that are not only comfortable and affordable, but also fit your personality. With rasta style or painted bones, DVS has some wild sandal designs for this season.

Click here to see all of the DVS Shoes at Boardstop.

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