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Monster Tower, Inc. Releases Polk and Tantrum Audio Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Atlanta, GA – Monster Tower, Inc. has released Polk and Tantrum Audio “Bullet” style speakers with quick release mounts and chrome plated aluminum enclosures. These feature rich speakers bring a new level of affordable performance (and bling) to the tower speaker market.

The chrome plated enclosures are made with weapons grade aluminum and have been acoustically tuned to project sound to the “stadium behind your boat”. They include the same universal mounting system used on all Monster Tower accessories, which allows them to securely fit any tower and protects the tower finish from metal-to-metal contact.

The “Double Bullets” include four enclosures and two pair of speakers, as well as an innovative quick release billet mount that allows the speakers to be quickly removed from the tower for storage and trailering. The quick release mount also allows the speakers to be rotated towards the front of the boat to provide a beach sound system. A “Single Bullet” version with fixed mounting brackets is available, and includes two enclosures and one pair speakers, with pricing starting at $350 per pair.

Monster Tower provides wakeboard towers that fit any boat and tower accessories that fit any tower. For additional information or to register to win a free wakeboard tower and other prizes, visit or call 877-77-Tower.

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