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Tige 20V Riders Edition Release
Tige Press Release

Tigé has once again upped the ante. Our new Tigé 20V is a brilliant blend of finely tuned aesthetics, passenger-friendly appointments and breakthrough performance.

Available in Limited and Riders editions, this is the roomiest 20-foot sport-V out there, and Tigé has filled every inch with features dialed in for the ultimate day on the water. Bow seating includes contoured backrests that open for convenient access to large under-dash storage areas. The wraparound observer's seat is complemented by a swing-away walkthrough backrest. And the massive cooler is easily accessible by the driver, who will be thoroughly enjoying the superior performance of this uncompromising watercraft.

The Tigé 20V handles like a mid-engine inboard with pinpoint turning and precise handling. The advanced TAPS-variable hull delivers an exceptional ride, even in rough water. And the watersport versatility is next to none. Adjust TAPS and world-class slalom wakes build to huge, contest-ready wakeboard wakes approved by the American Wakeboard Association. Core riders will be stoked at the impressive size and perfect shape of the 20V wake...they'll want to stay out all day.

Check out the performance, versatility and creature comforts worthy of the new standard in 20-foot sport-Vs. The Tigé 20V...the ante has been raised.

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Tige 20V Riders Edition

Tige 20V Riders Edition

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