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Author: Phil Skinner
Date: 4-5-2005

With the flowers blooming and summer just around the corner, Sidewayz brings you all the low down in the latest Sidewayz video news. It is a fairly big file, so you may want to start it downloading and then go get yourself a drink or some taquitos, then come back in five minutes. It is rather amusing and informative, worth the wait.

In this edition of the Sidewayz news hosted by anchorman Phil Skinner meet Docto Adviso, check in with Cowboy Gabe, see the special guest appearance of Fat Mime, Helga Brutoff, and more. You may laugh, you may cry, you may even punch your computer monitor, but in the end you will likely say "those guys are just total idiots." But then again aren't we all total idiots sometimes?

Watch The Video

  • Sidewayz Video News Clip (Quicktime) - 44 MB

  • Sidewayz Video Clip (Windows Media) - 35 MB

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