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Liquid Force and Malibu Boats Team Up
The two industry leaders agreed to a multi year deal this week, ensuring that participants of the Trip Across America will have the chance to ride behind the best boats on the market for many years to come.

Paul Singer, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Malibu Boats, is “Very proud and excited to be involved with Liquid Force and the Trip Across America. The Trip Across America is by far the best Wakeboard Demo Tour in the world and our involvement will step it up into a whole new level.”

Riders across the US will have the pleasure of testing out all of LF’s products on the perfect wake that a Malibu Boat produces. A new 2005 LSV will be hitched to the TAA RV and headed your way this summer. Malibu Boats takes pride in building classy boats that incorporate a style of their own, and the LSV is a prime example of that.

Tony Finn was thrilled to say, “Malibu has led the way in making the most innovative and coolest wakeboard boats. We are stoked to have them as a major sponsor of the Trip Across America.” It was natural for the California based companies to unite as they share the same dreams and passion, which is, in the words of Finn…“To have fun while building the most innovative, high quality products”.

Look for the Trip Across America and its Malibu Boat to rock the country side with a fresh new attitude that is all about fun. Don’t miss the chance to mingle with the pros, ride Liquid Force’s amazing products and test out the unparalleled wake of a Malibu Boat. Together, LF and Malibu will work hard to bring their passion and enthusiasm for wakeboarding, wakeskating, and wakesurfing, to riders across the nation.

For more information about the events, check out or contact your local Liquid Force dealer. If you can’t wait until the TAA event comes to your town to see the best boat on the market, be sure to check out to find your nearest Malibu Boats dealer.

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