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RAVE Slider from Wild Water Sports
Austin, Texas - WildWater Sports lives up to its mission of providing extreme toys for serious water fun, by signing an agreement with RAVE Sports to represent the first ever portable wakeboard sliders unveiled at the recent Surf Expo in Orlando on September 20-23.

According to Paul Robbins, president and CEO of WildWater Sports, a company representing several lines of unique water sports equipment, "The new RAVE sliders were greeted with RAVE reviews (no pun intended) by ski pros and instructors who tested the product during Surf Expo Demo Days." Robbins added, "The RAVE sliders fill a huge need in the wakeboard market. Someone finally figured out how to make an affordable, portable and safe solution to the hazards created by homemade sliders".

It took RAVE Sports ingenuity to marry the concept of inflatable platforms with wakeboard sliders to create a versatile and slider that is fun to use and easy to install. The new RAVE slider line is constructed of the same heavy-duty commercial grade construction as other RAVE products, including UV treated 28 oz. 1000-denier PVC fabric. Seams are heat welded and double stitched at stress points for maximum durability even under continuous daily use.

The unique design ensures a consistent feel, ride and jump time-after-time. The slider's consistent performance and predictability makes it ideal for consumers, ski schools and competitive training.

The inflatable, soft side construction minimizes injuries common with wood, plastic and metal ramps. With the RAVE slider, there is no need to worry about the maintenance and repair headaches of conventional homemade sliders. And because the slider is portable and easy to install, you can take it with you, or store it over the winter months.

The new RAVE Rainbow Slider is available in 50', 40' and 30' sizes. RAVE also offers a Table Top and Ramp Slider that may be used alone or combination to create a custom slider experience. Prices range from $1299 to $1899.

The RAVE Sliders are available to the commercial market through WildWater Sports. For more information contact Paul Robbins at 512-345-2111.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the heart of the Texas Hill Country, WildWater Sports is a sales company that represents innovative and unique water sports and outdoor/leisure equipment products in the continental US. WildWater is committed to providing high quality water sports products to the water ski, camp and resort market. The company also sells the full RAVE product line to dealers in the South-central US.

RAVE Sports is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since 1996, the company has been manufacturing and marketing radical, alternative vehicles and equipment for water fun. RAVE Sports is best known for the Aqua Jump line of floating and bouncing platforms. RAVE continues to be the innovative leader in creating products that enhance water-based group entertainment. RAVE products let you bounce, spin, slide, soar, or just meander across the water.

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