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Liquid Force Films Is Born
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Liquid Force and Justin Stephens have combined forces to create the most innovative film company ever, Liquid Force Films. Justin, a prolific and innovative film maker said, “I have had such a great time working with all of the riders and crew at LF… I am really excited about this new opportunity. There’s magic in this company, and I’m going to continue to capture it and show it to the world.”

His creative genius, backed by industry leader Liquid Force, will no doubt change the way wakeboarding is perceived. Liquid Force Films, the first company backed, in-house film department previously worked together to create Relentless, what many people consider “The greatest wakeboard film in the history of the world.” In fact, Relentless is the first wakeboarding film ever to be nominated for a prestigious award at the XDANCE film festival.

“Ever since I made Gravity Sucks, 15 years ago, I have wanted to have an in-house film company so that we can promote and tell people about our great sport in a cool, non-commercial fashion. Now, with Justin Stephens at the helm of Liquid Force Films, we will be able to advance the sport of wakeboarding to new heights, and have fun doing it!!!” said Tony Finn, Liquid Force’s Founder

The LF riders have been busy filming with Justin for the first official Liquid Force Films project, titled “Encore”. This project, due to release in May, will feature never before seen footage from the filming of Relentless, as well as tons of new footage. Tino Santori, Amber Wing, and Phillip Basino will be notable additions to the LF Films library of footage. The film work will truly be a team effort, as all the riders will be heavily involved in the filming and editing

Liquid Force Films is also working hard to put the finishing touches on the 2005 Liquid Force dealer clinic DVD. This is another first in the industry that the reps and shops will benefit from. This will include award winning actors such as Tony Finn, Jimmy Redmon, Don Wallace, and Scott Crumrine. Look for this detailed product propaganda to hit soon.

When asked what can be expected from this powerhouse film company, Don Wallace said, “It’s Justin… you shouldn’t expect anything besides pure genius... It’s going to be the best stuff you’ve seen yet… the guy is amazing… He’s a great guy and has done a lot to grow our brand and sport. Now, by creating Liquid Force Films, we’ll be able to continue to work together and lay down some original and creative films that will always be true portrayals of our team and our life”.

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