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CWB Platinum Process Press Release
CWB Press Release

CWB has been mentioning the new Platinum Series process to build wakeboards for months in prior press releases. Other manufacturers have used honeycomb and Balsa wood cores to reduce weight. They are very expensive. Now a new process from CWB.

The CWB Platinum boards are approximately one pound lighter and utilize strong hollow glass tubes in the core of the wakeboard. It is not just the hollow tubes that reduce the weight. CWB is also using a different formulation of its Baydur foam core. A change to a much higher carbon content, and a new unique glass layup around the core completes the construction process to reduce weight while maintaining board strength.

CWB riders have been testing the Platinum process since February 2001 and have found both board shapes to be more responsive for several reasons. The lightweight hollow glass tubes in the core "store energy". The glass tubes and high carbon content allow the board to rebound faster and return the board to its original shape by releasing energy. The riders also like the lighter weight for performance, particularly for spins.

The Platinum process is available in two great board shapes for 2002, each with its own new graphic. The Prodigy shape has been so well received CWB will introduce a 2002 Platinum version of this new model in November of 2001. The second Platinum board shape will be in the new Absolute model just hitting the market after a successful summer on the tour with Zane finalizing the design.

If you want the latest and greatest in lightweight board performance, choose Platinum from CWB.

The Stats:

Prodigy PlatinumAbsolute Platinum
Size 136 cmSize 135 cm
Weight 6.5 lbs.Weight 6.5 lbs.
Rocker 2.85"Rocker 2.45"
Waist Width 16.55"Waist Width 16.92"
Tip Tail Width 9.23"Tip Tail Width 10.11"
Rider Weight Up to 160 lbs.Rider Weight Up to 170 lbs.
Stance Width 17.5" - 23.5"Stance Width 17.5" - 23.5"

Prodigy PlatinumAbsolute Platinum
Size 140 cmSize 141 cm
Weight 6.9 lbs.Weight 6.9 lbs.
Rocker 3.00"Rocker 2.75"
Waist Width 16.75"Waist Width 16.92"
Tip Tail Width 9.43"Tip Tail Width 10.11"
Rider Weight 150 lbs. and upRider Weight 160 lbs. and up
Stance Width 18.5" - 24.5"Stance Width 18.5" - 24.5"

Both Platinum models have an MSRP of $520.00 blank.

CWB Wakeboards
P.O. Box 716
Lynnwood, Washington 98046-0716

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