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Canadian Wins 4th Stop of Aussie Pro Tour
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Rusty Malinoski became the first Canadian to win a Round of the Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding this weekend, claiming victor of the Port Macquarie Ride N Slide in a series of Deja Vu head to head battles.

In a Deja Vu final mimicking the previous APTW event in Melbourne, dominate Canadian Rusty Malinoski turned the tide on Josh Sanders to win the Port Macquarie Holidays Ride N Slide at Stoney Park.

Touring Australia with the international J-Star team, the Canadian proved to be too strong with an array of technical tricks, including a method backside mobe, method crow mobe, nuclear frontside back roll to blind and a method roll to blind off the double up, outclassing Josh Sanders (2nd) and Daniel Watkins (3rd).

Results from Port Macquarie Holidays Ride N Slide Stoney Park:
1st - Rusty Malinoski
2nd - Josh Sanders
3rd - Daniel Watkins
4th - Brett Eisenhauer
5th - Troy Mackey
6th - Jeff Weatherall
7th - Dean Smith
8th - Chris O'Shea

APTW Season Standings after 4 events:
1 Daniel Watkins 290
2 Jeff Weatherall 245
3 Dean Smith 205
4 Brett Eisenhauer 195
5 Josh Sanders 180
5 Rusty Malinoski 180
7 Chris O'Shea 127
8 Troy Mackey 121
9 Greg Falzon 74
10 Michael Hancock 70

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