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Jeff Weatherall Joins Team Malibu
(Merced, CA) – Jeff Weatherall, a New Zealand-born 24-year old professional wakeboarder, has just secured his first tow boat sponsor in Malibu Boats. Weatherall is the first addition to Team Malibu for 2005 and he is deffinately a guy to watch this season.

At the close of the 2004 competitive season Weatherall was ranked fifth in both the U.S. Pro Tour and World Cup standings. This year he is on track to elevate those positions, especially if the Australian Pro Tour is any indicator. He has already managed to kick off 2005 with a win and a second place finish at the first two stops of the Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding.

Weatherall began wakeboarding in 2001 after switching gears from the brink of a professional snowboaring career. According to Weatherall, “Just the rush of learning new tricks and hanging out on the lake was enough for me rethink things." So at the ripe old age of 20 Weatherall decided to work towards becoming a professional wakeboarder.

Big win.
After winning the Malibu Open in 2003, Weatherall was on his way to success as a pro wakeboarder. Weatherall explained, “It [the Malibu Open] was my first pro win in the USA which I took as a sign of big things to come!”

That Malibu Open win also had some deeper meaning for Weatherall. He explained, “It was such an honor to win it [the Malibu Open] after my late friend Mark Kenney had won in 2002. It felt great to dedicate my win to him and the great friendship he and I shared over the years!”

Team Malibu.
When it comes to becoming a member of their professional athlete team, Malibu Boats is extremely particular. Not so much about the athlete’s tournament rating or event performances, Malibu Boats is very particular about the kind of person they invite to join the team. Weatherall proves to have the high caliber of character Malibu looks for in a professional athlete. His winning personality ranks right up there with veteran Team Malibu members Ron Scarpa, Mike Weddington, Drew Ross, Gerry Nunn, Darin Shapiro, Brian Grubb, Chad Sharpe and Dallas Friday.

When asked about his acceptance of Team Malibu’s offer, Weatherall explains, “Right from the beginning Malibu was always the company I wanted to be apart of. I have looked up to all the guys and girls on this team for so long and now to be a part of that gets me so pumped up.” He added, sincerely, “I love Team Malibu.”

“We are extremely happy to welcome Jeff to our team,” expressed Lani Farmer, the Malibu Boats Team and Event Director. “He is exactly the type of competitor we seek out to be a member of Team Malibu, talented, intelligent, articulate and enthusiastic about what he does.”

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