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Fill In The Blanks Winner Announced
Fill in the Blanks DVD
In conjunction with Sidewayz and their release of the new wakeskating video "Fill In The Blanks", David Hoffman has won the voting as the winner of the Mad Libs Giveaway.


One day Thomas Horrell was POOPING on his way to BANGKOK. Then to his surprise he saw George Daniels wearing GRANNY PANTIES on his BIG TOE as he was CRYING while riding a horse. They decided to get some CARROTS before
they QUICKLY jumped into a SEXY boat to do some wakeskating. Thomas was up first and did a SHUV-IT over a DISGUSTING EMU while waving to the SLIDER. George was so excited that he CRIED for ten minutes! All of a sudden a CUTE mermaid swam up to them and kissed George on the BIG TOE, and he was LONELY. Then from out of the sky came Brandon Thomas SMOOCHING with his parachute made of KICKERS. Brandon landed on the mermaid and she died so George cried and SLEPT. They all lived LOUDLY ever after.

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