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Liquid Force Cowboy HatIf you have a wakeboarder in your life, a wakeboarding gift is a going to be a big hit for the holidays. Whether you're shopping for a guy or girl, and no matter what your budget, we have some gift ideas for you.

  • 2005 Reef Calendar/Reef Playing Card Combo -$14.95
    Make all of 2005 a visually pleasing year.

  • Reef Pimp Slide/Reef Calendar - $42.00
    When lounging around the house in the cold winter months, the Reef Pimp Slide sandals can keep your feet warm.

  • Hyperlite Catalyst Flexfit Hat/Welcome DVD - $40.00
    He can look good in the Hyperlite Catalyst Hat while seeing the best footage Team Hyperlite has to offer.

  • JetPilot Cell Block Flex-Cell S/E Vest - $111.96
    Now currently at 20% off it's normal price, the Cell Block is a top of the line coast guard approved vest.

  • Byerly Wakeskate Package - $300
    If he wants to step it up in wakeskating, the Byerly package will equip him perfectly.

  • 2005 Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard/Spin Binding Package/Straighline Rope/Higher Ed DVD - $350.00
    A very affordable wakeboard package for him.

  • Reef Leidyland Trunk White - $47.00
    This popular pair of Reef shorts will keep all eyes on him.

  • Reef Men's Sandals
    If you want bang for your buck, Reef Sandals are a high quality product at a low price.

  • Liquid Force Ink Hoody Sweatshirt - $44.99
    Stay warm with a hooded sweatshirt.

  • JetPilot GTR Neo Vest - $63.96
    She'll love the coast guard approved JetPilot vest.

  • Hyperlite Womens Indy Neo Vest
    The Indy Neo vest is sure to make her look good on the water.

  • Reef Women's Sandals
    It's a little cold to be exposing the toes, but never too early to be shopping for warm weather.

  • Liquid Force Rodeo - Straw Cowboy Hat - $29.99
    A sexy style of hat from Liquid Force.

  • Spy Abbey Sunglasses - $84.95
    Women spies. What else needs to be said?

  • Reef Handbags
    Yes, Reef makes handbags.

  • 2005 Hyperlite Scape 107 Wakeskate / SNAP DVD Combo - $120.00
    If she wants to get into wakeskating, this smaller skate and instructional DVD will get her going.

  • 2005 Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard/Spin Binding Package/Straighline Rope/Higher Ed DVD - $350.00
    This board, binding, rope, and DVD package will get your little guy ripping it up.

  • JetPilot Kids Neo Vest - $47.96
    Just because they're little doesn't mean they can't have a good vest!

  • Hyperlite Youth Indy Neo Vest - $69.99
    Same reason as above, just another option.

  • Hyperlite Kid's Unite T Shirt - $19.99
    Shirts for the kids.

  • Detention Instructional DVD - $37.95
    The most kid-friendly instructional DVD, Detention has some humor in it kids will love.

  • 2005 Reef Calendar/Playing Card Combo - $14.95
    Cheap, and fun.

  • Hyperlite Premier T Shirt - $24.99
    A stylish t-shirt to represent Hyperlite.

  • Spy Optic Fireball T Shirt - $17.99
    Spy has moved past Sunglasses and is a fashion leader.

  • Byerly Poster - $10.00
    The silhoutte of the great one can improve any wall.

  • Under the Radar Photo Book - $10.95
    Josh Letchworth taking pictures of the Hyperlite team at a scenic location? Where do I sign up?

  • Relentless DVD - $24.95
    Probably the best recent DVD to come out. The Liquid Force team brings it.

  • Reef Pimp Slide/Reef Calendar - $42.00
    Warm and cozy.

  • Hyperlite Catalyst Flexfit Hat/Welcome DVD - $40.00
    Stylish and entertaining.

  • Sidewayz Welcome DVD / Under the Radar Combo - $31.00
    A good DVD and a great coffee table book.

  • Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet - $39.95
    Safety under $50!

  • Reef Men's Sandals
    The leader in sandals isn't hard to afford.

  • Wake Physics Instructional Book - $39.35
    At home or in the boat, this instructional book can provide you with the tips you need.

    GIFTS UNDER $100
  • JetPilot Stance Molded S/E Comp Vest - $79.96
    A smooth vest.

  • Accurate Jacket Series - $89.99
    A top of the line rope that will last years.

  • Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet - $59.95
    Head and ear protection is great to have.

  • Hyperlite Contact Board Bag - $59.99
    A simple board bag at a great price.

  • Hyperlite Byerly Hoodie Sweatshirt
    This sweatshirt is flying off the shelf.

  • Spy Sunglasses -
    Many styles to choose from.

    GIFTS UNDER $200
  • 2005 Hyperlite Scape 112 Wakeskate / SNAP DVD combo - $120.00
    A wakeskate and instructional DVD for only $120?

  • Straight Line Bantam Carbon DD Amoeba Handle - $119.99
    Top of the line handle.

  • Accurate Zero G Carbon Handle - $119.99
    Another top of the line handle.

  • JetPilot Cell Block Flex-Cell S/E Vest - $111.96
    A comfortable vest that floats you well.

    GIFTS UNDER $500
  • Byerly Wakeskate Package - $300
    Everything you need to rule on a wakeskate.

  • 2005 Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard/Spin Binding Package/Straighline Rope/Higher Ed DVD - $350.00
    Everything you need to wakeboard successfully.

  • 2005 Liquid Force Evo 142 Wakeboard Combo Package - $439.90
    A cool package from Liquid Force.

  • 2005 Cassette 42" 4-Trac Wakeskate Bundle - $220.00
    The famous 4-Trac skate along with shoes and a DVD. Nice.

    Besides all the great gifts listed above, has a couple of holiday specials going on now.

  • Free "team" DVD with a board purchase. If you purchase a Hyperlite board, you'll get the Hyperlite team DVD "Welcome". If you purchase a Liquid Force, you'll get "Relentless". If you purchase a Gator Board, you'll get "Man Overboard".

  • Add a 2005 Sidewayz Calendar to any order for only $5.00. It's normally priced at $9.95, so get half-off on a calendar as an additional gift with your purchase.

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