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Kyle Schmidt Joins Team Moomba
MARYVILLE, Tennessee---Skier’s Choice, Inc., manufacturer of Supra and Moomba inboard boats, is pleased to announce that pro wake boarder Kyle Schmidt has joined Team Moomba.

Schmidt is presently the instructional editor for the world’s largest wakeboarding publication, Wakeboarding Magazine and has been involved with many instruction videos like the most recent by BUMP Films called Higher Education. His time in the boat has given him the understanding of how people learn the best and the ability to relate wakeboarding to things you experience in everyday life. As students this creative way of coaching helps you relate, visualize, understand easily, and progress quickly. Some may say that he is the Neo of the wakeboarding world and he understands the Matrix better everyday. You can catch Kyle in popular wakeboarding videos like The Faction and Free4All by bump films and in spots on ESPN and Fox Sports 5,4,3,2,1. His involvement in the industry is huge and he wants to help the sport grow.

Some of Kyle’s major accomplishments include taking fifth at Wakestock one year, 1st at Board Bonanza 2000 in Tennessee. “But the highlight for me, says Schmidt, was starring in wakeboard videos "The Faction", "Free4All", and "Higher Education" by Bump Films.

“We are very excited to have Kyle join our team and look forward to his involvement in helping to develop our Moomba product line even further,” says Skier’s Choice Marketing Manager, Jay Warren.

Skier’s Choice is located in Maryville, Tennessee and is a privately owned company. It manufactures two lines of boats: Supra, the leading luxury line of wakeboard and ski boats, and Moomba, which focuses on providing "the best bang for the buck" in the market.

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