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Correct Craft Announces New International HQ And Team Nautique Strikes Again

Correct Announces New International Headquarters

ORLANDO, FL — Correct Craft, Inc. announced that they will break ground a second time on their new International Headquarters after November 1, 2004. Completion is scheduled for fall 2005.

Kelsey Construction, Inc. and Hunton Brady Architects are partnered with consultants Rockett & Associates, Burton, Braswell and Middlebrooks, CHP Associates, and Hughes Associates. Together this Design Team will build a new 240,000 square-foot facility which will house corporate offices, research and development, and manufacturing. The new facility will increase employment and will have the capacity to increase production by 70%, leaving room for Correct Craft to grow in the future.

There is also a total of 50 acres dedicated to two adjacent lakes already underway. The east lake is where every Nautique will be tested for approval prior to being wrapped and shipped. The west lake will be used for research and development purposes and will also be large enough to hold “future” tournaments such as Collegiate, Regional, State Championships, and All-Stars competitions for 3-event waterskiing, wakeboarding, and wakeskating.

The new facility will be located off the Beeline Expressway at International Corporate Boulevard; Correct Craft is the first to build in this new high-tech industrial development.


Due to bad weather in Changshu, China the 2004 Waterski World Cup had to eliminate the jump event as well as women’s slalom. Scoring based on preliminary rounds did not stop Kyle Eade from placing third in slalom, Jaret Llewellyn finishing third in tricks, and Rhoni Barton placing second in women’s tricks.

The only events that were completed were the men’s slalom and tricks and women’s tricks. Llewellyn tricked a score of 7,000 points to take third place at Changshu. Postponed due to rough conditions on Friday, Llewellyn had to wait till Saturday to trick. Llewellyn was asked how he felt about placing and he stated, “With the conditions being so bad I was happy to come away with a third place. I was happy to remember what I was planning to do and move onto the next event.”

Barton, with a score of 6,540 points, finished second in women’s tricks upsetting Clementine Lucine, the leader from the previous World Cup stop in Russia. Barton commented, “We all thought it was just the preliminary round and I had opted to do an easier run to guarantee a spot in the finals because of the rough conditions. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a final for tricks. Had I known the circumstances, I would have gone out there and tried to win.”

Eade, who normally excels in jumping, tied with Michele Gallegra of Italy for third place in slalom. Eade rounded 3.5 buoys at 11.25m. Eade commented, “I was disappointed not to get to jump as I was feeling very confident after my finish in slalom. There aren’t many men who compete in both slalom and jump at the World Cup level let alone be able to finish in the top in both events, which was definitely my goal for the weekend.”

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