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6th Annual Waketoberfest Coming Up

Waketoberfest’s birth comes from the desire of Central Texas Riders to have one last big blowout at the end of the season. The event has been held in the area of Emma Long Park on Lake Austin for the last 5 years and we look forward to be returning to the park again this year. Another perk of having this event in October is that the lake is less crowded and the wakeboard companies are releasing the new product for the next season. The 360 club also works closely with shops and companies that support wakeboarding so they can come out and showcase those products and their services. Many of the area dealers participate and make available their wakeboard specific boats for test drives.

The event has grown stronger every year with additional support coming from local shops, both in and out of the wakeboard market. We are also surprised every year with the numbers of riders that have traveled from outside the state to participate. We also have many wakeboarders that make the trek to participate in the riders’ exhibition; this is also a favorite among the spectators that line the shore. We hope that this year will be the biggest and best so far and invite everyone to come participate. Keep checking back for more details on the schedule and list of sponsors.

If your interested in entering the contest at Waketoberfest contact Stone Slade at

Please contact any of the board members if you're interested in helping out during Waketoberfest or if you would like to become a sponsor.

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