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2004 USA Collegiate Wakeboard Championships
Orlando, FL – The third annual USA Collegiate Wakeboard National Championships will be held November 6-7 at the Orlando Watersports Complex in Orlando, Florida. Sanctioned by the American Wakeboard Association and USAWaterSki, and with the support of the World Wakeboard Association, the competition will feature top wakeboarders from colleges and universities all over the United States. Plus, this year’s Championships will also feature a brand new wakeskate competition!

The success of last year’s Nationals in Texas and the momentum generated by the growth of collegiate wakeboarding over the last few years will make this an exciting event. Top wakeboard teams and individual collegiate riders from all over the US will compete for the title of National Champion. Earlier this season, Western Washington University took top honors at the WWA Collegiate Wakeboard Challenge, followed closely by the University of Florida coming in second, while Florida Southern College finishing third. Also, the University of Wisconsin Wakeboard Team landed first place at the Tommy Bartlett Collegiate Extreme Championships held last month in Wisconsin Dells.

“The growth potential for collegiate wakeboarding is absolutely huge, and we’re thrilled to be in mutual cooperation and support with the WWA in our joint effort to grow collegiate wakeboarding,” said David Cornwall, President of the AWA. “Together, our events will encourage this new realm of wakeboarding to grow bigger and better than ever.” Added Dan Levine, Vice President of AWA, “It is clear that wakeboarding at the collegiate level is a tremendous growth opportunity. The support of the WWA for AWA collegiate events, and our support for theirs, demonstrates that mutual cooperation and participation will ensure that collegiate wakeboarding has a bright future.”

Any AWA existing members or teams can ride. All participants must be members of either of AWA or WWA. For more information, check out

Qualifying rounds begin at 9:00am on Saturday and the finals begin at 9:00am Sunday. Admission is free to all spectators.

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