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Correct Craft Puts New Spin On Vans WWA Wakeboard Worlds
ORLANDO, FL — This past weekend at the WWA Wakeboard World Championships, Correct Craft added a new twist to the pro men’s competition. Instead of the customary Super Air Nautique 210 Team Edition towboat; the athletes competed behind an Air Nautique 226 Team Edition, which made for an exciting tournament.

The inaugural debut of the Air Nautique 226 was the buzz of the tournament all weekend, from judges to announcers, from athletes to avid spectators. Gary Meloon, vice president of marketing, stated, “I was approached all weekend with comments and accolades from every direction.” Correct Craft originally set the standard for premier wakeboard boats but, as wakeboarding has evolved, riding styles vary and their different wakeboard boats now cater to each unique rider’s style. Meloon added, “We want to be receptive to the riders’ needs and it is important to be proactive in meeting their needs.” Correct Craft is the official towboat of the Vans WWA U.S. Nationals and World Championships, the last two stops of the Vans Triple Crown of wakeboarding.

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