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Epic Camera Housings Work On All Cameras
Orange, CA, Sep. 30, 2004 – After analyzing the latest video cameras to hit the market, Epic Camera Housings inc has updated the compatibility of their two flagship models: the Epic Elite™ and Epic Sport™. Epic has developed an innovative system that makes it possible for their waterproof housings to adjust almost every video camera on the market.

Most video housings are camera specific. So if you ever wanted to upgrade from that old 8mm camera your $2000 housing would become obsolete. That is one of the reasons why Epic developed this adjustable system.

Another problem was trying to find a housing that fit your video camera. There are so many different video cameras on the market it would be impossible for any retail store to carry a housing for every customer that walked through their doors. Retailers that carry Epic housings can almost guarantee that they are going to have the housing that fits your video camera.

“Our goal was to make a housing that people could actually afford and now with an even larger variety of compatible video cameras we feel that it makes our housings even more accessible,” explained Epic’s CEO Lary Stucker.

As video camera technology advances, and manufacturers introduce new model video cameras you can be sure that Epic’s compatibility will continue to grow.

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About Epic:

Epic Camera Housings Inc was conceived by a couple of surfers who wanted to record their watersports adventures. To their surprise they found that standard camera housings are designed for scuba diving. Scuba housings are bulky, heavy, and expensive, are camera specific, and are not very suitable for filming in the surf. After researching the needs of the average surfer they developed the Epic Camera Housing. Epic Camera Housings are compact, lightweight, durable, extremely affordable [$269.00 MSRP], and are compatible with over 500 different video cameras.

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