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DoubleUP Hooks Up With Wet Tech
By Tim Runyard - DoubleUP General Manager

DoubleUP Wakeboards and Hardline Ropes & Handles are proud to announce that we are now part of the Wet Tech family. After months of negotiations and thousands of rumors, the deal has now been finalized as all 3 companies have merged together. While we will retain all of the brand names, our collective group will now be known as Triton Sports. This will strengthen all 3 companies by adding diversity and financial strength to all 3 lines. Wet Tech has been in the industry for 10 years, and has been very successful in the wakeboard and waterski accessory business. DoubleUP and Hardline have been looking for a partner to take us to the next level, both financially, and from a product line perspective for the past 4 years. Wet Tech is able to bring added product line diversity, as well as a strong oversees manufacturing program to both enhance and improve our product capabilities. In addition, Wet Tech is able to absorb a strong infrastructure and management team from DoubleUP, while having access to a fresh marketing and business approach. The sum is a much stronger entity financially, and the ability to offer a more diverse product line to our customers.

All 3 companies have moved to a new location in Reno NV. Wet Tech has always been in Reno, and DoubleUP/Hardline has made the journey down the hill to the biggest little city. Our brand new facility is a step up for all three companies, allowing us enough space to work more efficiently, and allow for the rapid growth we’re still experiencing. DoubleUP/Hardline and Wet Tech are more committed than ever to bringing innovative, high quality products to the market place. In addition, with the added infrastructure, we will be able to give better customer service and overall satisfaction during the coming years. We look forward to working hard over the coming years to make Wet Tech/DoulbeUP/Hardline the best company possible.

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