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Correct Craft Supports Employees During Natural Disasters

In the wake of recent Hurricane Charley and Hurricane Frances, Correct Craft, Inc., a privately-held, family-owned and operated inboard boat manufacturer, initiated a new corporate policy to aid its employees when disasters such as hurricanes, floods and freezing weather strike. The new program will be known as a Natural Disaster Relief Pay Policy.

Recently, central Florida was hit with two major hurricanes in the past three weeks. Hurricane Charley closed Correct Craft for two days as did Hurricane Frances. Correct Craft realizes that many people live paycheck-to-paycheck and any missed time from work can seriously affect its employees. Since the employees are part of the Correct Craft family, the implemented Natural Disaster Relief Pay Policy will pay employees eight hours per day when the factory must close due to extreme weather situations. Correct Craft has also started a Relief Fund for employees who have been seriously affected by the recent hurricanes, and has a loan program in place to meet the affected employees immediate cash needs. Correct Craft employs three hundred and ten men and women in its south Orlando facilities.

Vice President of Marketing, Gary Meloon said, “This is what truly sets Correct Craft apart from other corporations, whether privately-held or publicly traded. We value our employees and consider them family so to implement a Natural Disaster Relief Pay Policy just seems to be the right thing to do.”

Celebrating 80 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a manufacturer of world-class wakeboard, waterski, and recreational boats. Correct Craft, Inc., a Florida-based company, is known for leading the industry in technology and innovative hull designs.

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