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Last Event of Mid-Atlantic This Weekend
Richmond, VA – September 8, 2004

Glass & Powder today extended a last minute invitation to attend the final stop of the Mid-Atlantic Wakeboarding Series, hosted at Lake Gaston this Saturday, September 11th. The series, which began in 1999, set records with the largest number of events in one season (still a standing record at 20 events in 22 weeks). In 2004 alone, Glass & Powder Boardshop has pulled over 400 different riders in 8 events, including pro clinics with Shawn Watson, Andrew Adkison, and Leslie Kent, as well as five major events at every prominent lake in Virginia.

The events are structured more like “Festivals” than competitive “contests” or “tournaments”. More emphasis is put on having fun and experiencing the sport, the products, and the culture than on winning prizes. Glass & Powder accomplishes this by making sure that every participating rider gets a bag full of prizes at the end of the day! Sponsors from all over the world contribute the latest, greatest products in the wakeboarding industry to stoke out the kids and adults that ride in the contests. Each rider brings home more value in prizes than they spent to enter the contest, making it a “win-win” situation. In addition, Glass & Powder Boardshop raffles off the large prizes, which makes the awards ceremony even more interesting. A rider could conceivably come in last place and still win a brand new wakeboard. Entry fees for the event are at the same modest $35 price that they were in 1999.

The vibe for this particular event is extremely positive, with riders coming from as many as ten different states to compete. We’ve been getting tons of emails and phone calls, so contestants are encouraged to get there early for registration before the event is capped. Glass & Powder will only be pulling 75 riders, and it’s first-come, first-registered... There will be the usual HUGE crowd of wakeboarders (the Lake Gaston crew is AWESOME!), their families and friends, and about 55 sponsors who’ve contributed thousands of dollars of prizes for the event. Everyone that enters will win a prize bag with a tour tee shirt and other goodies, just for entering! This is a FUN event for everyone. We’ll have music cranking, great pit BBQ cooking mid-day by the Edwards family (who cook much better than WE do!), a ton of wakeboarders and their families/friends enjoying a killer day of riding from some of the region’s awesome riders.

A few details:

Date: Saturday, September 11th
Site: Edwards Beach, Lake Gaston (on the border of NC and VA)
Time: Registration starts at 7:30am, rider meeting at 8:30am, start pulling ASAP
Cost: Edwards Beach will be charging a per-person admission to the site (come by boat!) Not sure, but the fee will be between $2-$5. Entry fee for the event is $35
Directions: 95 South from Richmond. Take the Gaston exit – Highway 48 –
first exit in NC Right at the exit onto 48 (South). At the first light in
Gaston, take a Right, going west on 46. Go 10 miles and make a left at the
old school onto 1214 (River Road) Follow 1214 and make a left onto Edwards
Beach Rd – look for sign. Go to end of road and look for the event!

The event will be pulled with a 2004 Mastercraft X2, courtesy of Ski Boats Unlimited in Chesapeake, VA. The Glass & Powder mobile wakeboard shop will be set up under the tents with awesome prices and closeout specials for the weekend – just for those who attend. Even if you don’t want to ride in the event, it’s a great opportunity for local riders to meet each other, ride with different people, get pulls on new boats, get great deals on new equipment, and generally see what kinds of things other riders are doing behind the boat. Not to mention that it’s just a fun day! Again, we’re expecting capacity numbers of riders, so contestants should be there early to insure a slot in the maximum 75 riders that will be registered for the day.

Glass & Powder Boardshop was founded in 1999, and specializes in wakeboards, snowboards, skateboards, and surfboards, along with clothing and lifestyle products associated with the sports and the culture. The shop won the prestigious “Impact Award” from the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce in 2003 to go along with the numerous other business accolades, including the Watersports Industry Association “Dealer of the Year” in 2002. Glass & Powder recently won the Small Business Association “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. The shop is owned by Scott Dickens, his wife Cara Dickens, and best friend Sandy Appelman. In addition to the original location, Glass & Powder now has a second location along with its new “World Headquarters” for shipping Internet orders and phone orders. For more information, please contact Scott Dickens: or (804) 358-9709.

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