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Evolution DVD Trailer and Preview
Wakeboard films are evolving and EVOLUTION:WAKE is here to prove it. From the makers of Scrubs of the South, See What I See Productions keeps up its pro and regional wakeboarder mix with new locations in the Midwest showing that it doesn’t have to be warm year round in order to go big. We visit WWC’s pool van slider and Lake Mary Jane in Florida, but EVOLUTION:WAKE doesn’t stop there. In addition, E:W includes the Grand Opening Celebration of the Texas Ski Ranch with pros behind the boat as well as the most intense cable sessions ever seen in a movie. See What I See Productions also revisits the South and discovers a new batch of Scrubs. To round it all off EVOLUTION:WAKE includes a full off the water wakeboard conditioning video so riders can keep in shape for wakeboarding when they’re not on the water.


    Release Date: September 13, 2004

    Length: 47 minutes with plenty of extras

    Bonus: EVOLUTION:WAKE also includes an 18 minute wakeboard conditioning video so riders can learn how to keep in shape for wakeboarding during the off season and when they are not on the water.

    Soundtrack: All Hard Rock

  • Rob Struharik
  • Andrew Adkison
  • Trevor Hansen
  • Brian Francis
  • Joey Arcisz
  • Keith Lidberg
  • Jonathan Nadolski
  • Erik Ruck
  • Zane Schwenk
  • Derek Grasman
  • And introducing Matt Sims and his signature trick the 009!
  • Plus many more regional riders

  • St. Louis
  • Chicago
  • Midwest Wakefest
  • Midwest Boot Camp
  • Texas Ski Ranch
  • Florida
  • And Back Down South

    Distributed by:
    See What I See Productions
    Ally Video
    Video Action Sports

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