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Ambush / Slider Slam Invitees
Kennesaw, GA – Ambush Boarding Co. and are proud to announce the invitees to Georgia’s first night pro slider competition. The invitees are an imposing “Who’s Who” of the sport’s most notorious sliders. The invite list is as follows:

Parks Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Shane Bonifay, J.D. Webb, Keith Lyman, Chad Sharpe, Erik Ruck, Danny Harf, Rob Struharik, Collin Harrington, Tino Santori, Kevin Henshaw, Cody Hall, Chris Law, Rusty Malinoski, and Keith Lidberg

Local Wildcards: Brett Lee, Brandon Lee, Jake Hinton, and Sean Legg

Aaron Reed, Scott Byerly, Brian Grubb, Thomas Horrell, Jim Leatherman, Brandon Thomas, and Danny Hampson

Local Wildcards: Nic Sharp and Sammy Woodson

** Ambush team riders in bold**

“The goal behind this tournament is to push the boundaries of what is possible on a wakeboard”, said Ambush and owner Chuck Morrow.
“I want the riders to see who is in their heat and say 'Oh Shut' and know that they have to really push it to just get into the finals”, Morrow adds.

“It is going to be the ultimate party”, said Ambush and Event Coordinator Paul Lizon. “What more could you ask for…a nighttime slider contest with dollar drafts and the most insane wakeboarding you’ve ever seen”, Lizon laughs.

For this event Ambush and have partnered with Hyperlite, Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, Budweiser, Sea*Doo, DVS Shoe Co. and a handful of other exclusive companies.

Ambush Boarding Co. and are privately held, rider owned and operated entities dedicated to the heart and soul of wakeboarding.

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