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Old School Wakeboarding DVDs Released
Long-awaited classic wakeboarding videos have recently been released on four combo DVDs. You can now get such legendary video as Mayday, Gravity Sucks, Decline of the Waterski Monoply, Spray, Boombox and more on DVD.

All these videos can be purchased now from

FLF Combo
The FLF combo contains Spray, Hit It, and Mayday. Call me crazy, but I absolutely love these three videos. FLF captured magic in a bottle as they filmed incredible riders at great locations through the biggest growth period of the sport. The cinematography, soundtracks, and riding just makes this a perfect set of films. Mayday is simply amazing.

Classic Combo
The Classic Combo contains Gravity Sucks, Wake the Beast, and High Wake Drifters. This is the O.G. set of wakeboard videos. Gravity Sucks was the first true wakeboard video as Byerly and crew rip it up on directional boards. Wake the Beast and High Wake Drifters keep up the fast pace with high energy videos and lots of interesting riding.

Album Films Box Set
The Album Films Box Set contains Running With Scissors, Boombox, and Metronome. Album, formerly Cadmium Films, has a unique shooting and editing style, and the soundtracks for these films were like nothing seen in the industry before.

Linear Perspective/Decline Combo
This combo contains Decline of the Waterski Monopoly and Linear Perspective. Thomas Horrell's unique editing style is both artistic and inspirational in these two videos. Decline was a direct attack on the waterski version of the wakeboard industry, and he brought it in full force. Linear Perspective was the first all-wakeskating video featuring the Cassette Team. It was history in the making.

You can now complete your collection with the best of wakeboarding's past. Isn't technology great?

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