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World Wake Surfing Championships Update
We are exactly one week away from the big event. The World Wakesurfing Championships returns once again this year bigger and badder than ever. This year as you all know Boardstock and the World Wakesurfing Championships are both brought to you by Centurion Boats and will be held together August 27-29, 2004.

As I said before we are one week away from the start of the preliminaries August 27th in Stockton, CA and I am writing this final e-mail to all of you giving you all the final details on the event as I head to California on Sunday August 22, 2004. After Sunday I will be checking my e-mail on a limited bases and will be available only on my mobile phone at (757) 650-9791.

PRACTICE: Practice is on Thursday August 26 in MERCED, CA from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on a first come first serve basis. The practice is being held at Lake Yosemite in Merced and will be $10.00 a set. One of the event towboats will be on hand as well as last years World Champion for practice.

EVENT: I am going to pretty much run down the days events here and then do a FAQ.

THURSDAY AUGUST 26, 2004 - Lake Yosemite, Merced, CA

* WWSC Practice - 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - First come first serve.
* $10 Per Practice Set

FRIDAY AUGUST 27, 2004 - Boardstock - Stockton, CA

* 6:30 AM - 8:00 AM WWSC Check in
o Men's Amateur
o Boys Amateur
o Girls Amateur
o Open Women
o Women's Amateur
o Open Men

SATURDAY AUGUST 28, 2004 - Boardstock - Stockton, CA

* 9:30 AM - Arrive at Boardstock
* 10:30 AM - Gates Open for Boardstock
* 11:30 AM - WWSC FINALS
o Women's Amateur Finals
o Women's Open Finals
o Exhibition: Boys and Girls Champions
o Men's Amateur Finals
* 4:00 PM -WWSC Men's Open Semi-Finals

SUNDAY AUGUST 29, 2004 - Boardstock - Stockton, CA

* 10:30 AM - Boardstock gates open
* 11:30 AM - WWSC Open Men's Finals

DIRECTIONS: Directions to Boardstock can be FOUND BY CLICKING HERE

HOTEL: I have put a block of rooms aside at the Radisson Stockton. You can reserve rooms at the Radisson by calling (209) 957-9090 and telling them you want a room on the Wakesurf Block.


QUESTION: What boats are being used in the event?

ANSWER: A pair of 2005 Centurion Enzo's will be the towboats for the World Wakesurf Championships. These two boats will be the wave creation vehicles for ALL competitors. One Enzo will be set up for regular foot surfers and the other set up for goofy foot. Each Centurion Enzo will be equipped with SIDESWIPE EXHAUST.

QUESTION: Do we have to bring our own gear?

ANSWER: Yes you should. We will not be providing Life Jackets and/or Surf Boards for use in the event. All competitors should have their own equipment on hand with the exception of a rope and tournament bib. Each Boat will have a dedicated rope and each competitor will receive their competition bib at check-in. If you wish to use your own rope you can do that.

QUESTION: What is a bib?

ANSWER: It is what I use so I do not spill food on my shirt. Just Kidding! A competition bib is what you wear over your life jacket to show you as a part of the competition and also to showcase to the television audience and media. You all will get a bib that is MANDATORY to wear during competition and yours to keep as a souvenir. A bib looks like...

QUESTION: Do I have to wear a Life Jacket?

ANSWER: YES, YES, AND YES AGAIN! Those without a proper Life Jacket will not be allowed to compete in the World Wakesurfing Championships.

QUESTION: Do I have to compete Friday?

ANSWER: Yes you do. All competitors, including open competitors, compete on Friday in the preliminary rounds of the event. Boys and Girls ONLY compete on Friday! Those who advance to the finals in the Men's Amateur, Women's Amateur, and Women's Open will compete Saturday morning at Boardstock in the finals of those divisions. Those who advance to the semi-finals in Men's Open will compete at Boardstock on Saturday Afternoon and those who advance to the Men's Open finals will compete Sunday Morning.

QUESTION: If I win the Amateur event do I advance to the Open?

ANSWER: No you do not. Open and Amateur are being run 100% separate form each other. Those who are competing in the amateur division chose to do so.

QUESTION: Can I compete in two divisions if I pay two entry fee's?

ANSWER: No you cannot. Time restrictions limit that and to be fair to all wishing to enter the event we just cannot do that.

QUESTION: I registered for the Amateur Event but have decided I want to compete in Open. When is the last point I can change that?

ANSWER: 8:00 AM on Friday Morning! I will close registration and check in at that time..

QUESTION: Can I reserve a time for practice?

ANSWER: No. practice is run on a first come first serve basis.

QUESTION: What are the awards given out?

ANSWER: Trophies for first through third in each event, prizes in the amateur division, and the $10,000 cash prize in the open division.

QUESTION: What are the rules?

ANSWER: You can visit THE RULES WEBSITE BY CLICKING HERE. We will also go over the rules and scoring procedures Friday morning before the event starts.

QUESTION: What can I expect from the World Wakesurfing Championships?

ANSWER: An absolutely GREAT TIME!

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