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OLN Announces Television Schedule For Gravity Games

STAMFORD, Conn – Outdoor Life Network, owner of the Gravity Games, is pleased to announce the complete television schedule for the event, expanded competitor fields and two major extensions of the Gravity Games franchise. The 2004 Gravity Games will take place from September 15th - 19th in Cleveland, Ohio.

In total, OLN will air 17 hours of original Gravity Games coverage, beginning with a two-hour preview show on September 20th at 9:00 PM ET/8:30 PM PT. From September 21st – 25th, the Gravity Games Skateboarding, BMX and Freestyle Motocross competitions will air each night at 8:00 PM ET/8:30 PM PT. The coverage will include highlights from the concerts and activities surrounding the event. Encore coverage will make for a total of more than 70 hours of the Gravity Games on OLN.

Additionally, the competitor field at the Gravity Games will be expanded from 20 to 25 competitors in the skateboard street and bike street competitions. While many other action sports events are limiting their competitor fields, OLN is giving more action sports athletes the chance to compete.

“Gravity Games is all about the athletes,” said Gavin Harvey, President of OLN. “We feel that giving more athletes the chance to compete
enhances the competition and creates a better viewing experience for the fans on site as well as for the television viewing audience.”

OLN also announces two major extensions to the Gravity Games franchise: Gravity Games H20 and the 2005 Winter Gravity Games. With expanded
global interest in emerging action sports, Gravity Games H2O, is set to take place off Australia's western coast city of Perth from October 14^th – 17th, 2004. The event will include Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing and a Tow-In Surfing exhibition. OLN will televise coverage of the event on November 15^th and 16^th at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

“OLN is a network for all seasons,” said Gavin Harvey, President of OLN. “With that in mind, expanding the Gravity Games to include winter and water franchises makes perfect sense for us.”

Gravity Games H2O will mark the first time Kitesurfing and Surfing disciplines have joined the Gravity Games stage, adding more than 50 new
athletes to the Gravity Games family of competitors. Gravity Games H2O will award AUS$200,000 ($140,000 US) in prize money. More information can be found at

OLN is currently evaluating several potential host cities for the 2005 Winter Gravity Games, which can include Superpipe, Slopestyle,
Boardercross, Skicross, Snowcross and Snowmobile Cross competitions.

Entering its sixth year, Gravity Games features the world’s best professional action sports athletes. The event, which is expected to draw more than 200,000 spectators to Cleveland’s North Coast Harbor, also includes performances from some of today’s top recording artists. Updated news and information on the event can be found at

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