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2005 Hyperlite Premier Wakeboard Released
Hyperlite has released the 2005 Premier Wakeboard with an all new set of graphics that relate to the 2004 graphics, but are a bit different. The shape is the same, but the style continues to evolve as you can see in the images below.

The 2005 Premier has just started shipping to dealers and is available for pre-order now from They will be shipped to customers starting around August 3rd.

Larger images can also be viewed at

2005 Premier 130 Biolite

2005 Hyperlite Premier 130 Wakeboard

2005 Premier 136 Biolite

2005 Hyperlite Premier 136 Wakeboard

2005 Premier 136 DNA

2005 Hyperlite Premier 136 DNA Wakeboard

2005 Premier 141 Biolite

2005 Hyperlite Premier 141 Biolite Wakeboard

2005 Premier 141 DNA

2005 Hyperlite Premier 141 DNA Wakeboard

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