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Report, Photos, and New Trailers for Byerly Retrospect DVD
Sidewayz has provided us with a story on the Reno Retrospect premier, along with photos from the move, a new DVD trailer, and video interviews with all the pros after they watched the premier.

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    Reno Retrospect Premier
    by Sidewayz

    The Mission: Drive form Boise to Reno in the big white van, show our movie and get the hell out with as few casualties and as much money that we left with as possible.

    Our first stop was just a couple of hours outside of Boise in the little town of Jordan Valley, Oregon where we felt right at home.

    Ronn ran into President Bush outside this 5 star hotel. Turns out heís a huge fan of Sidewayz and it didnít take long to convince him that the Retrospect premier was far more important than the Geneva Convention.

    Not to far down the road we ran into some of Phil Skinnerís long lost relatives and as it turns out, this is his inheritance. An ice cream shop in the middle of nowhere. He looks excited doesnít he? I would be too if I just found out I got free mint chocolate chip for the rest of my life.

    We werenít expecting Jordan Valley to be such a happening town so we got a little more behind schedule than we wouldíve liked but once we got back on the road it was smooth sailing, well at least until the so called ďhonking incident.

    We pull safely into the quaint town of McDermitt when we decided that now would be as good a time as any to take a group photo and who better to take our picture with than Smokey the Bear. The fire danger was low but we still couldnít convince him to jump in the magic van.

    Anyhow, shortly after the picture above was taken, this one you see to the right was shot. Notice how Duane is doing some sort of thumbs up dance. Heís actually reacting to a trucker blasting his horn and we thought he was honking at us. Well, as it turns out there was a dog standing in the road. And I mean WAS standing in the road. We loaded quickly into the van with a feeling of quilt and headed on.

    We made it to Reno with no further hiccups, and got settled into our rooms. I wish I had a picture of my room to show you. Ronn and Dorothee managed to snag a room in the nice part of the hotel while the rest of us stayed in the Nuggett Ghetto. Itís good to be the boss. We found a new stain on the floor every time we turned around and we came to the conclusion that anything nasty that couldíve happened in the room did at one point in time. It turned out to work quite nicely though because when I lost all of my money I felt it was only appropriate to sleep in a cheap motel, also it made it much easier to sneak Rosco in under Philís arm.

    The next day was the big one. We went to the showroom to check out the setup and it was awesome. It was kinda funny too because playing in another room at the same time was Wayne Newton. Man I bet he gets a lot of ladies with that Donkey Shame song.

    Erik Ruck and his band Braided Funk warmed the crowd up with some smooth sounds and paved the way for our MCís. It was just going to be Fabio but since Dubya came along with us we figured he could use the help.

    The premiere went off smoothly and everyone was stoked. Watch the interviews with the pros to see what everyone thought.

    Well, honestly folks itís nothing personal but we gotta get back to not eating or sleeping so we can finish the movie but check the link below to see more photos from our trip.

    Love Sidewayz

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