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NoFlex Inc. Transom Guard Review
As summer comes to an end you may take a look at your boat and wonder where all the dings and scratches on the back of your boat and your swim platform came from. To prevent those from happening, check out the Transom Guard from NoFlex Inc.

The Transom Guard is designed to help the rider put on their bindings by keeping their board stable while preventing the board from scracthing the gel coat and the platform.

The Transom Guard is a long piece of hard non-marking material that simply attaches to the edge of the platform where it meets the gel coat. It runs the entire length of the back of the boat protecting it from edge to edge. Different sizes are available for different boats. The Guard has a bevel in it so you can slide your board under the bevel to keep it from moving while putting on your bindings.

It's really a simple concept and a well-designed product. The black Transom Guard is not an eye-sore since it matches most boat colors and isn't very eye-catching.

For only $89.95, the Transom Guard is a great way to prevent your boat from getting strached and dinged up. That's not a lot of money to protect something as valuable as a wakeboard boat. The Transom Guard can be ordered from NoFlex Inc's web site.

Transom Guard

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