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Liquid Force Relentless Team Video Available for Preorder
The new Liquid Force team video Relentless is about to be released from Album Films, and it's now available for preorder at

Here's what Liquid Force has to say about Relentless:

"The life we live, the fun we have, the riding we do. Relentless will show you all of this.

It's a true portrayal of our team. Maybe not the most storied team in wakeboarding, or the most hyped, but we've got a team that enjoys wakeboarding and wakeskating more than any. Not only will Relentless show you the fun we have, it'll also show that our team rips harder than any out there.

More than ever, they are Relentlessly working to prove this to the world. The riding is shaping up to be the best that's ever been captured in one film, by one team. Led by Justin Stephens in collaboration with Sean Kilgus, the filmwork has truly been a team effort. All of the riders have been heavily involved in the filming and aren't going to be happy until their parts are exactly as they'd want them to be.

Relentless will be dropping early July. Be sure to get yours on order now, and be certain to be impressed."

Featured Riders
  • Shawn Watson
  • Shane Bonifay
  • Gregg Necrason
  • Tim Kovacich
  • Philip Soven
  • Cody Ramsey
  • Melissa Marquadt
  • Kevin Henshaw
  • Emily Copeland Durham
  • Steve Schoenals
  • Colin
  • and the rest of our team

  • View the Relentless Trailer (9 MB)
  • Preorder Relentless now from

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