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Two Charities Benefit From January's Annual Eskimo Escapades

Remember back in Winter when we were all talking about riding in January at the 10th Annual Eskimo Escapades Shut Up & Ski! in Knoxville, Tennessee. This past Saturday, we got to see the benefits of this charity event. The money benefits two charities, one of which is the Patricia Neal IRC. The IRC coordinates and conducts recreational activities for people with disabilities. One of those activities is water skiing. Last Saturday was the first Learn to Ski Clinic of the year for the IRC on Norris Lake in Tennessee.
There were Nautiques, Malibus, Tiges and Mastercrafts, lots of volunteers, and 7 skiers and riders. We ate 24 pizzas cooked on two grills in an hour and a half. They were great. The highlight of the day was teaching a seven year-old kid with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (similar to Muscular Dystrophy) who is confined to a wheelchair to ski. It thrilled him and his family to no end, and he skied two more times -- once with his dad as a side skier. Ever since the event, he is asking every one he knows if they can ski, and his dad said it is amazing that being able to do something a lot of 7 year olds cannot has raised his self-esteem. The IRC also had one of its veterans, Matthew Porterfield, who is paralyzed from the chest down as a result of a dirt bike accident five years ago, land a 180 on his wakeboard. Matthew is off to the Peachtree Road Race 10K this weekend.

Being involved in teaching and working with people with disabilities learn to ski and ride, makes a difference. Any one of us could be in the same situation. Eskimo Escapades Shut Up & Ski! makes this happen. So remember when we ask you to ride in January, you see what a difference it makes. So just Shut Up & Ride! In January!

Charlie and Bill Riding

For more information or if you would like to assist in future events as a sponsor or participant, contact:

Kelli Thompson
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