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Malibu Releases a New Wedge
(Merced, CA) - In the extreme world of wakeboarding, pros as well as amateur thrashers are going bigger and demanding more pop off the wake than ever before. To answer this call Malibu Boats has reached into their innovative bag of tricks and revealed the Wedge 23 as the newest addition to their list of Exclusive Malibu Rider Accessories. Specifically designed to shape and amplify the wake of 2002 models built on the SV23 hull, the Wedge 23 is a standard feature on the 2002 Wakesetter. It is also available as an option on the SV23 hull supporting the 2002 Sportster and the Wakesetter VLX.

Malibu engineers applied hydrofoil technology to the creation of well-defined wakeboard wakes shortly after wakeboarding was towed onto the water sports scene. Since that time, experienced riders have been pushing the level of extreme with which they perform. Longer line lengths, increased speeds and even bigger air prompted Malibu designers to improve the innovative wake-building wedge and in the process they developed an entirely new hull-specific hydrofoil, the Wedge 23.

Customized for those Malibu boats supported by the precisely tooled SV23 hull, the Wedge 23 has been tested and optimized for huge launch off the wake. Analyzed by world-class wakeboard competitor, Ricky Gonzales, the Wedge 23 in combination with the SV23 hull received a screaming stamp of approval.

The 2002 Wakesetter has been outfitted with the new Wedge 23 standard, while the Sportster and Wakesetter VLX sport the new Wedge as an option.

Lowering the Wedge or Wedge 23 behind the transom provides the equivalent of over 1,000 pounds of down force, without exceeding passenger weight capacities. This creates the wake riders seek, without adding weight to the boat. Safe and convenient, the Wedge and Wedge 23 can be lowered through the access panel in the swim platform, providing a handy alternative to fat sloppy water sacks.

Customized for each Malibu hull design in 2002, the Wedge and the Wedge 23 offer all the wake a rider can handle with none of the inconvenience.

See a large image of the Wedge 23

For further information, contact:
Amy L. Mauzy
(209) 383-7469 ext. 348

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