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2005 Hyperlite Roam Wakeboard
2005 Hyperlite Roam in ActionHyperlite has revealed their first 2005 wakeboard that has actually be in the works for quite some time now.

The Hyperlite Roam is a jib board based around a snow board that was primarily developed by Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf, and Chad Sharpe along with the rest of the Hyperlite team.

The core is made from wood and is flexible giving the rider a whole new feel on the water with added control.

On rails the Roam is flexible enough to add a new dimension of nose and tail presses, and other snappy tricks not previously possible on a standard wakeboard.

It's not just a slider board though, as it gives you more of a snowboard feel on the water and a different pop off the wake.

Priced affordably at $269 MSRP (but you can probably find it for less), the Roam is another board you can add to your set of boards on the boat for an entirely different type of ride.

The Roam Series will come in a 139 and 144 cm length and will start shipping by August 1st.

You can pre-order yours now at, where one lucky customer who pre-orders a Roam will get their money refunded and receive the board for free!

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  • Hyperlite Roam 139 Wakeboard
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    2005 Hyperlite Roam Wakeboard

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