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Pro Wakeboard Tour KMC Rim Toyo Tires Giveaway has teamed up with the Pro Tour to give you the ultimate hookup for your ride. On top of sponsoring Pointless and giving a set of rims and Toyo tires to every Pro Men's winner on the Tour, KMC wants to deck you out with a sick new setup.

All you have to do is submit your entry with a short explanation of why you think you need a free set of KMC wheels and Toyo tires. Maybe your ride is so dope you don't need a new set of 22s, but your friend does -- so try to win for his sake. This is completely subjective, and the the Pro Wakeboard Tour staff have the final say as to who gets the free prize, so pick your words carefully. We'll post the winning letter online Aug. 15 so make sure you submit your entry by August 1st, 2004. Hey, it's your chance to be one step closer to Brian Grubb and Parks Bonifay - don't miss out!

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