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CWB Introduces Tsunami, A More Advanced Wakesurfer

With new technology in board design, inboard boats with tremendous wakes and board shapes that make it easy, we see Wakesurfing growing tremendously in the next few years. Why? It is so much fun and so simple to learn and do.

Our first CWB Wakesurf model, the "Ride" is a hit. Its size is generally best for the beginner/intermediate, and is more progressive and faster on the water than all the other brands we tested. With Wakesurfing you progress rapidly and if you invest the time on the water you soon want a board that you can turn and "slash" quickly up and down the wake. The Tsunami is 57" in length, compared to the 63" size of the Ride. However, the Tsunami is also 1/2" wider in the center. The new Tsunami shape allows for quicker turning.

The Tsunami retains some of the key performance features also found on the Ride. These include:

The Tsunami will have an EVA tip protector to reduce the damage to the boat and the board.

Our fins are interchangeable. You can increase the size for stability when learning, or decrease the size for turning as your ability improves. The tip fin is really cool for more advanced maneuvers. Also critical is the size and shape of the fins. We found many boards on the market were very slow on the water, which reduces the rider's ability to stay in the right spot of the wave. The Tsunami was designed to be faster with our fins. You can slow down by simply putting your weight to the back of the board.

The Tsunami has tracking grooves and a "rocker pattern" for speed and control.

MSRP: $335.00
Length: 57"
Width: 20.75"

Construction: Compression molded with Baydur Ultra-Light Core, PBT top and bottom.

Pad: Unique 2 piece design with grip squares, kicktail with arch support.

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