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Wakeboarding News Partners in New Wakeboard Shop is continuing it's quest to provide the most wakeboarding services possible to it's users by partnering in a new retail and online wakeboard, wakeskate, and boat accessory shop called BoardStop.

BoardStop's retail location is near Killeen, Texas, but it's online counterpart known as is officially launched as of today. To celebrate this launch, there is a limited time 10% discount for new customers.

Other parties involved in BoardStop include Ed Harmon of Y2Kp Boardgear and board sport DVD site, Dave Barousse of, and technical genius Joe Garstka. founder Pat McCarthy decided it was time to enhance by partnering with some outstanding partners to build a board shop that could allow him to provide numerous benefits for users and allow the site to grow to the next level.

" will allow to integrate product information and shopping in ways that weren't before possible for various reasons. It will provide for a more complete user experience, allow me more access to products to test, special discounts and giveaways for users, and provide some financial backing and freedom that will allow to build more new features and content than ever before, " McCarthy said. "I am also really looking forward to getting feedback and talking to users about what they want from wakeboarding shops."

The initial partners have all been long time supporters of wakeboarding on the internet, and supported all the wakeboarding web sites. It's also a situation that provides for expertise in individual areas.

"I have product retail experience from Y2Kp Boardgear and, Dave can focus on wakeskating products as well as using his web abilities and programming knowledge, Joe can focus on technical aspects of the web site, and Pat can be our resident wakeboarding expert to go along with all his web abilities," Harmon said. "Plus, they are all great people who are a blast to work with. We have a great time and we hope our customers get a taste of that."

Besides wakeboarding, will definitely give major play to boat accessories and wakeskating. "Being the first all-wakeskating site was something is very proud of," said Barousse. "We plan on making sure is a great resource for wakeskating products and getting expert help on what wakeskate works for you." focuses on providing the best products, at great prices, with a little customer love to go along with it.

Current brands being carried that have products being added to the website daily include Hyperlite, Liquid Force, DoubleUP, Blindside, Gator Boards, Butter Boards, Reef, Jetpilot, O'Neill, Hardline, Spy, Wet Tech, Skylon, Titan, and Wake Designs with more to come. also features a complete DVD selection of all the wakeboarding and wakeskating DVDs available.

Another focus of is the innovative shopping features such as the Board Finder and Shop By Pro.

The Board Finder allows customers to input their body characteristics combined with skill level and riding style to recommend boards that fit their profile. One thing we've noticed in the forums is how often people don't know how to choose the right board for them. The Board Finder helps guide users along their way.

Shop By Pro can be found on the bottom of the front page of It allows users to browse the products that are used by their favorite pro riders, or products that contain their favorite pros such as videos.

"We want to go beyond standard shopping features," added Garstka. "Wakeboarding is fun, so shopping for those products should also be a fun experience. The Board Finder and Shop By Pro are just two of the shopping features we've got in the works."

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Pat McCarthy at

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