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SKIREEL Introduces the 2004 WakePro™

Houston, Texas, – Ready for immediate sale! SKIREEL Watersports LLC, manufacturer of the PATENTED & PATENT PENDING SKIREEL WakePro™, is commercially launching the industry’s first wireless adjustable towrope system. The WakePro™ has over seven years of R&D and robust field tests completed by riders and pros including Charley Patterson and Gerry Nunn. The result is an all-new towing accessory that delivers user-friendly reliability, fully wireless “on the fly” control, a sleek premium finish, and plenty of power. Eddie Valverde, President of SKIREEL states; “The new WakePro is the product of an alliance formed between SKIREEL and Lucky Devil”. Josh Norris of Lucky Devil Designs uses his experience in CAD design and machining to deliver a progressive design.

Having the ability to instantly adjust the rope length as you ride without having to stop the boat is an obvious evolutionary step for the sport of wakeboarding not to mention wakesurfing and wakeskating. Every rider has a preferred rope length and it can vary depending on many factors including ballast, speed, and hull design. Instantly adjusting to fit these conditions is what the WakePro is all about. With the WakePro, you are not married to five-foot incremental rope sections because you can reel in and out to any length, as you ride. Wakeboarding schools, camps, and tours will surely benefit from the WakePro’s time saving “on the fly” length adjustment feature. The convenience of completely reeling in the towrope between and after sessions is an added benefit that keeps the rope from becoming tangled, knotted and safely off the boat’s floor.

Easy, quick, and safe installation results from our wireless design. The WakePro also features a universal mounting system that fits all wakeboarding towers. The driver, spotter, or rider can operate the WakePro’s waterproof remote control “on the fly” enhancing the session. What about the rope? Though all sectioned towropes can be used, an 85-foot all one-length rope with colored markers from Masterline™ or Wakecord™ is included with the system.

One sure way to get a pull behind the WakePro this season is to sign up for a clinic with Mission 2 Ride. This will be SKIREEL’s second year to officially sponsor M2R so catch Charley, Lindsay, and of course the SKIREEL WakePro at a clinic near you

  • The WakePro will also be a part of Gerry Nunn’s Tour as well as Troy Flick’s 484 Wakeskate Tour

  • The WakePro is now on sale
    2004 Skireel Wake Pro

    SKIREEL would like to thank those companies that have supported our R & D program.
    Tigè Boats, Monster Tower, Skylon, Masterline, Wake Designs, Inland Surfer, Mako, WakeCord, Fusion Sports, Quick/Plastimo-USA, 484 Wakeskates, Lucky Devil Designs, Wake Surfer/LevelX Mag, Wakeboarding Mag, Straightline Ropes,,,, Alliance Mag

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