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Orland Pro Tour Day Two Results
Orlando, FL (May 1, 2004) - Saturday's action at The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard presented by Chevrolet and GM Vortec engines featured the first pro women's wakeboard competition of 2004.

The world's best including Dallas Friday, Emily Copeland Durham and Maeghan Major battled at Orlando Watersports Complex in pro women's semifinal action on Saturday.

Friday, who won eight of nine pro women's events in 2003, is looking for a repeat performance in 2004, a near sweep of the season. With Friday's
performance in the women's semifinals, she may be on her way, after winning her semifinal heat.

Don't figure on the rest of the women's field to go down quietly, especially Copeland Durham, the woman who ruined Friday's perfect season in 2004.
Copeland Durham took the other semifinal women's heat on Saturday to set up a showdown in the Sunday's finals.

Other notables qualifying on Saturday included Tara Hamilton, the most successful female wakeboarder in the sport's history. Cathy Williams who spent 2003 rehabbing after a knee injury also qualified for the finals along with Yoshiko Ishimaru of Japan.

The pro men's quarterfinal was extremely competitive with many of the heats as stacked with talent as many finals. Danny Harf, Daniel Watkins, Rob Struharik and Parks Bonifay all took first place in their quarterfinal heat to earn a spot in Sunday's semifinals where 12 other riders will challenge them.

In the SeaDoo watercraft Pro Wakeskate Series Phillip Basino and Brian Grubb won semifinal heats on Saturday. Wakeboarding legend Scott Byerly also is competing in the Pro Wakeskate event in Orlando. Byerly finished second in his heat to reach the finals on Sunday.

In the MasterCraft Junior X Series Danny Thollander of Orlando took the top spot in his semifinal heat to earn one of the top spots in Sunday's final. Jeff House took the other heat to set up a showdown in the final.

The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, presented by Chevrolet and GM Vortec Engines, is a five-event circuit organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Florida. Powered by Indmar Marine Engines, the Pro Tour has the support of the following: SeaDoo watercraft, Perfect Pass, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Gator Boards, CWB, Jobe, Double-up, Blindside, JoyRide, Cassette Wakeskates, 484 Wakeskates, Billabong, Reef, Body Glove, UGP, Epiphone Guitars, OJ Props, Chipper Beef Jerky, Bare Wetsuits,, Love Sac, Capix Helmets, Indo Boards, Straight Line, Nevin, ten-80, Toyo Tires, KMC Wheels, Verizon Wireless, Execute, Wakeworld,, Monster Tower, Say I Won't and One Percent Designs.

Wake Boarding, published by World Publications, is the official magazine of the Pro Wakeboard Tour. Wake Boarding is the definitive source on all things wakeboarding, with expert coverage of professional instruction, gear, boats and the latest news.

MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour
Presented by Chevrolet and GM Vortec Engines

Saturday's Results

Pro Women Semifinals
(top 4 each heat advance to Finals)

HEAT # 1
1 Emily Copeland Durham 96
2 Melissa Marquardt 93
3 Maeghan Major 93
4 Cathy Williams 87
Laura Lohrmann 85
Megan McNeil 82
Louise Moore 80
Kayce Brewer 76

HEAT # 2
1 Dallas Friday 97
2 Tara Hamilton 94
3 Lauren Loe 91
4 Yoshiko Ishimaru 87
Gretchen Hammarberg 86
Tiffany Landry 82
Cheryl Newton 79
Adrian Gentry NS

Pro Men Quarterfinals
(top 4 each heat advance to Semifinals)

HEAT # 1
1 Danny Harf 92
2 Brett Eisenhauer 88
3 Jeff Weatherall 87
4 Tino Santori 79
Perry Richmond 75
Josh Sanders 74
Steve Edwards NS

HEAT # 2
1 Daniel Watkins 95
2 Trevor Hansen 90
3 Erik Ruck 84
4 Mikey Ennen 80
Keith Lidberg 73
Gerry Nunn 72
Ricky G Gonzales NS

HEAT # 3
1 Rob Struharik 93
2 Shane Bonifay 86
3 Darin Shapiro 84
4 Chad Sharpe 82
Rusty Malinoski 76
Chris Laske 71
Derek Grasman 68

HEAT # 4
1 Parks Bonifay 94
2 Shawn Watson 86
3 Andrew Adkison 80
4 Zane Schwenk 80
Phillip Soven 79
Collin Harrington 73
Nick Heaney 68

Pro Wakeskate Semifinals
(top 4 advance to Finals)

HEAT # 1
1 Phillip Basino 95
2 Scott Byerly 94
3 George Daniels 90
4 Danny Hampson 89
Thomas Horrell 87
Collin Wright 80
Chase Gregory 79
Joshua Steele 78
Bryan Dawley 73

HEAT # 2
1 Brian Grubb 97
2 Danny Molina 93
3 Tim Kovacich 91
4 Steven Schoenhals 88
Jordan Mears 86
Tony Berard 80
Clint tompkins 78
Kyle Hyams 75
Daniel Lovett 74
Steve Wahlman 73

Jr Men Semifinals
(top 4 each heat advance to Finals)

1 Jeff House 93
2 Kevin Henshaw 92
3 Scott Hopkins 92
4 Philip Combs 92
Corey Miner 86
Brett Lee 80
Ben Hanisch 79
Ben Carley 76
Michael Fulton 75

HEAT # 2
1 Danny Thollander 97
2 Derek Conway 90
3 Jack Blodgett 89
4 Mike Brady 88
Devin Rogers 86
Rob Jacques 80
Eric Hesch 78
Jimmy Wolf 77
Travis Propst 76

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