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How Do You Get Exposed?
By Jason Buffalow

It seems like the questions I here most at events is “how do I get to the next step?” or “how do I get sponsored?”. We have finally come up with a way to answer both of these questions. Mike Schwenne and myself have created a new program designed for the advanced wakeboarder who wants to take it to the next level call EXPOSED.

We will be hosting a week-long camp on Mike’s houseboat in Lake McClure, CA. In the week we will be teaching the 10 selected riders how to be more complete riders, market themselves, create a niche, find sponsors, and teach them what it takes to be successful in this sport. We will work on their technical riding during the day behind Mike’s brand new Malibu VLX. At night we will be covering advertising, marketing, sponsorships, and overall promotion of themselves. Our goal is that when these 10 riders leave, they will have the tools to get them sponsored, and ready for pro ranks.

I will be on staff documenting the week with articles and photos for the various publications and websites. Rich Dykmans of WSC Productions will be there with his stack of video equipment covering the entire on video for our new video.

If that was not enough, the rider that emerges the strongest of the week, will get their own featured spot in our new video. This person will also receive a stack of new sponsors that will load them up with all new gear and accept them to their teams.

We will only be accepting 10 riders for the week and are accepting video resumes until June 20, 2004. We will be running the camp at the end of July.

As usual Mike’s accommodations are the very best. Killer houseboat, great food, great boats, every video, video games, and killer surroundings in beautiful lake McClure. Check out for all of the details on the camp and “EXPOSED”. You can check out for more details and pictures of “EXPOSED”.

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