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Epic Camera Housings Announces Wake Team
Ricky Gonzales with EpicEpic Press Release

ORANGE, CA - Epic Camera Housings announced today that Danny Hampson and Ricky Gonzales have been added to the Epic Wake Team.

"This is a huge beginning for us in the wake world" says Epic team manager Jason Hase. "We couldn't be happier to have guys of this caliber with us. We wanted to work with professional riders to show how easy and fun it is to use our housings."

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Epic plans on showcasing footage from team riders at Danny and Ricky will join future super wakeskater from Florida Justin Scott. Be sure to look for more epic moves from this ever growing company and team.

About Epic Camera Housings, Inc.: Formed when a couple of water enthusiast from California were looking for a camera housing to record their adventures. After discovering how heavy and expensive housings were, and that they were specifically designed for only one type of camera, they decided to design an affordable housing that is lightweight, easy to handle and compatible with most video cameras. Epic Camera Housings are compatible with over 350 video cameras and are actively producing the Epic Elite™, Epic Sport™, and the Epic Pro™.

For more information on Epic Camera Housings, and the Epic team, log on to or contact Jason Hase @714.745.7044.

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