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WAKEtv Issue #10 Review
For those of you unfamiliar with WAKEtv it is a monthly wakeboarding video series produced by Lakefront Productions in Florida. WAKEtv travels the country all year round covering wakeboarding events, competitions, and filming riders from all over. This is issue #10 of WAKEtv, and it's one of the best yet.

Included in this issue is footage of Westside riders in California, WICEDfest 2000, CORE Team riders at OWC, 2000 Nationals highlights, crazy Wakestock footage, Winter Waterland, and other random things.


WAKEtv continues to deliver on their promise of bringing you great wakeboarding footage from all over that you don't see elsewhere, and bringing that footage to you quickly. Issue #10 specifically features riders from all over the country that you won't see elsewhere, while also providing in-depth footage of various grassroots wakeboarding events around the country.


The cinematography in WAKEtv Issue #10 is up to the same standard WAKEtv has created for itself all along. It's not shot on film, but the digital footage is high quality, and you can't expect videos to be put out this fast on film. There are various angles used for all the riding, and it's a wonder to see where the WAKEtv camera can end up and what it catches on film.


WAKEtv continues to win the length award when it comes to wakeboarding videos. Each issue runs 60 mins and Issue #10 holds true to that as well, bringing you as much wakeboarding as you can handle in one sitting.


The music in Issue #10 is probably the best WAKEtv selection yet. The video kicks off with a video from Grand Theft Audio and their song "We Luv U" which is mixed in with video hightlights to get you amped up for the video.


Westside - Issue #10 starts off with Westside riding from Folsom Lake in California with rippers like Juan Carreon, Aaron Aubrey, Brian Strand, Ryan Frazier, and some surfing moves from Mel Aguilar. The action moves to Canyon Lake where we run into some more familiar named riders like Emily Copeland, Cheryl Newton, Cody Hall, and Travis Hall. We finish off the West Coast in Discovery Bay on the Delta with a huge crew of riders. Brady Sammons, Mike Schwenne, and others carve up the delta butter with huge raley tricks and spins. We then move on to the big boys Jason Buffalow and Marcus Shahen, and get to see some triples riding with riders jumping over the large and in charge Jason Buffalow.

WICEDFest - The only major event to go on in the Northeast is caught on film as WICEDFest 2000 takes the stage. Footage of northeast riders and quick interviews of event attendees give a good feel for the event.

CORE Team - We head back to Florida for footage of the CORE wakeboards team and various other OWC riders. Wakeskating is the highlight of this section as various riders attack the sliders at OWC with one-footed slides, shuvits, and boardslides galore. There's also some interesting cable wakeboarding to keep you abreast of what's going on in that realm of the sport.

2000 Nationals - The 2000 Nationals were an event to remember as two 900s off the wake were hit in competition for the first time, on the same day. Steve Edwards hit a clean toeside off-axis 900 off the wake in his pass in the Jr. Men's division, and Shawn Watson landed a slightly less clean 900 off the wake in his pro ride later that day. Watson also added a heelside off-axis 720 off the wake to his pass for a top-notch day on the water. Highlights from almost all the divisions are shown, including some interviews with various pro riders by Dave Briscoe.

Wakestock - Wakestock was a hot event. And WAKEtv got it all on film. From the bikini contest, to the huge slider contest, to the expression session, to the night-time double up contest, it's all on tape for you to see.

Winter Waterland - Once again, WAKEtv brings you something you wouldn't see elsewhere, as we see crazy midwest nuts breaking through the ice on the lake in Wisconsin in mid-winter to hold a wakeboarding event. It's certifiably nuts, and it's actually impressive what some of the riders can do in such cold water and weather.

Wipeouts - The video approaches it's close with a big wipeouts section, which always proves to be very entertaining.

Thong - A guy rides in a thong, need we say more?


WAKEtv Issue #10 is strong due to the riding, wakeskating, and Wakestock highlights. It's a steady progression in the WAKEtv saga, earning it 4 out of 5 stars.

If you aren't a subscriber yet, we recommend you order WAKEtv, go to WAKEtv's Website to do so.

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